The vaccinated, hesitant, anti-vaxxers, and faith.

It is not true that the vaccinated have no faith in God. It is also not true that the hesitant and anti-vaxxers don’t have faith in science. In reality, the vaccinated, the hesitant, and the anti-vaxxers are all “walking by faith.” Yes, they are. We are taught faith is stepping into the unknown, and usually, … Continue reading The vaccinated, hesitant, anti-vaxxers, and faith.


An Exhaustion observed

An observation I have made through the years after observing the lives of many Christians, what they believe about God, what they know about the gospel of grace, is a certain level of exhaustion that is unnatural. I have come across too many exhausted and weary Christians. These Christians are committed and passionate about their … Continue reading An Exhaustion observed

How to pray for your employer

Most employees are among the most narcissistic people on the face of the earth. I can count with my fingers the number of employees I've met that are joyful and grateful for their employers and the companies and organizations they work for. When I listen to employers, business leaders, and small business owners, the constant … Continue reading How to pray for your employer