Why a correct view of God is beneficial to your health

© November 22, 2018 | Schulter Etyang

There is a direct correlation or link between your view of God and your health and a general state of being.

A view of God that views him ONLY as Master, and you as Slave, or Subject, could lead to health issues such as anxiety disorders (extreme fear, worry), high blood pressure, obesity, and even mental illness (depression, PTSD etc). 

I am not in any way dismissing other sources of health issues such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and even hereditary links. For this post, I want to lay the blame for some health issues at the feet of the wrong understanding of who God is. 

God created our bodies for shalom, order, and rest. Adam and Eve, however, threw a wrench into the plan of God for humankind. Humanity’s view of God changed from a kind, benevolent covenant keeping God to master—a master ready to punish us when we disobey. Hence, our bodies cannot deal with the guilt and condemnation resulting from not pleasing this master. 

It is this guilt and condemnation that causes so much stress which leads to all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. I bet you the prayer lines for healing in our churches and constant medication is by people who would do with a view change of who God is. Sometimes, I think, the faith healer should pause for a minute and find out the real cause of the sickness especially when the person is often in a hospital or in the prayer line. 

Most people who view God as master, therefore, work too hard (naturally and spiritually) to please Him. These words colour their spiritual lingo — I must, I have to, I do, what about if I don’t, it all depends on me, etc. Notice the common refrain? I, me.

Anger, bitterness, fatigue, anxiety, worry in our lives are reflections of a God who is angry, demeaning and too hard to please — a God who always demands.

And this idea of a God who is demanding affects how we relate to our spouses, kids, and friends. We demand from our relationships. Our relationships become transactional. What is it I can get from you? How do you benefit me? Or, how can I use you to get to my destiny? The result? Relationships become superfluous and dispensable.

Our health, finances, relationships, spouses and kids, businesses, careers take a beating from this view that God is master and we are slaves. Our bodies created for shalom, order and rest succumb to the pressure and become sick. When we are sick, we cannot work, cannot be fruitful and productive and cannot enjoy life. 

Even if working hard is biblically sound, if we work hard because the Bible says so, or are trying to please God, ourselves or others, we are setting ourselves up for stress caused by guilt and condemnation. 

We have to obey the indicatives of the gospel. Whoever does not work should not eat. He is worse than an unbeliever he who does not provide for his family. But wait. Before Paul arrives at these indicatives—must do’s, he lays the foundation of the gospel. He wants his readers to have a correct view of who God is as revealed in Jesus and his work for us (the good news). If we do not undergird our working hard with the gospel of grace—the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done for us, we will get bitter, angry and depressed when we don’t get the results indicative of the efforts we’ve put in. Consequently, our health suffers.

Hey, give your body some rest by getting to know who God really is.

A God who calls you His son because he gave up His own Son for you.

A God who has promised to never remember your sins because he punished your sins in the body of His own Son.

A God who has made all of heaven’s riches available for you because he made his own Son poor.  

A God who will always hear your prayers because on the cross he closed the heavens over his Son’s cry for help.

A God who will heal you because on the cross his own Son bore your sicknesses and diseases in his body.

A God who promises to never leave you or forsake you because on the cross he forsook and abandoned his own Son.

Knowing how kind and benevolent God is, will do good to your health. Remember, you and I, are made in God’s image. We reflect God’s glory. Our God is at shalom, order, and rest. When we know and believe the good news of who Jesus is and what he did for us on the cross, our health will reflect the same shalom, order, and rest. Your desire to live a long full life hinges on this truth. 

Take it easy, Bro. Take it easy, Sis. Relax. 

That’s what grace looks like