Why your hair matters to God – Why you are more valuable to God


Every morning for the past 6 years I have been at the front seat of my wife’s hair-do. I mean literally. Jenny has this particular routine that she has perfected throughout her entire life that she goes through every single morning. Here it is – wakes up – has cereal for breakfast and reads — takes supplements — goes to the toilet (reads while in there) — showers — blow dries her hair  — does her make-up — done. All these take around two hours. Yes, two hours folks. I don’t know how she does it. 

I want to zero in on the part where she blow dries her hair. If I’m lying in bed or downstairs, I usually know that its time for the hair-do because of the sound the hair dryer makes. I’ve actually developed a snarky comment that I make – that the factory is now open for business because of the sound the hair dryer makes. 

The time the hair-do takes varies. Sometimes its short and at times its long especially if we have played squash the previous day or had been to the gym. But be assured, I get to hear the hair dryer every day of the week.

Once in a while after she is done with drying or blowing her hair, she let’s me run my hand over her hair to feel how soft her hair is. She really does — especially when she does that Brazilian treatment on her hair. I will never hear the end of it. (Btw the other day I was reminded that it’s time for the Brazilian treatment. I just winced in credit card pain)

Recently, I looked at her hair and a thought crossed my mind. In the few short years of our marriage, it has never occurred to me that I should count the number of hairs on her head. I know how her hair looks and feels but I’ve never actually thought of counting her hairs. Sometimes, I usually see her hair on the hairbrush but I’ve never taken the hairbrush and counted how many hair strands are there. Never! I haven’t even told you about what I have to spew out of my mouth at night. The hair goes rogue folks.

Men also have hair “issues”. I don’t have any hairs on my head per se. I often shave the chiskop style (as we say it here in South Africa) I cannot remember ever having hair on my head. However, the bible has stories of two men that had some very significant hair issues – Samson and Absalom. For Samson his hair was a part of his great strength and Absalom’s hair was heavy and long – it weighed about 2 kg (5 pounds). Yet, both men lost their lives because of their hairs. Delilah charmed her way into Samson’s heart, shaved his hair and he lost his strength. Absalom while fleeing from his enemies, got caught in the tree because of his long hair. His enemies found him dangling from the tree and killed him. Don’t joke, hair can get you killed. 

Scientific claims differ on how many hair strands people have. The estimate is between 100,000 – 150,000 hair strands depending on your hair loss. Every human being is born with some hair follicles on their head unless there is a genetic or medical problem. During cancer treatments, most women lose their hair because of the aggressiveness of the treatment on hair follicles. It is a sad sight to see because women naturally have long beautiful hair. 

The global hair care industry is estimated to grow from 750 million dollars in 2016 to 830 million dollars in 2025. Harrowing stories abound of how some of these hair products get to our shelves. Hair is big business worldwide.

numbered hairs

So what does our Heavenly Father think about hair? Guess what! According to Jesus, our Heavenly Father doesn’t just count the hairs on your head. Even better. He knows the NUMBER of hairs on your head.

Matthew 10:30 NLT

And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.

Our Heavenly Father has a catalogue of every hair strand on my head. He knows each and every hair by its number, type, color, etc. In His grace he has numbered the hairs on my head. How tender he is. How intricate and intimate he is with me. When hair strand 99,999 falls off, He knows about it.

I believe the impact of the loss of hair grieves our Heavenly Father because we were not made to get sick, age and die. Adam’s rebellion in the garden resulted in us living in fallen broken bodies. We still live in a fallen world with yet to be redeemed bodies. Paul a New Testament writer writes that eventually we will get new bodies that we were promised. (Romans 8:23) In the meantime, we deal with the experiences of hair loss, sickness, aging and even dying.

So if the Heavenly Father knows the number of each and every hair strand on your head, don’t you think He is willing and able to take care of you?

It all depends on you

Why are you worried, anxious, angry, confused and fearful?  Or as Tim Keller would say, why do you have bags under your soul? Here’s why. You give yourself too much credit for taking care of yourself. Your hair is thinning and falling off because you believe it all depends on you. You pull your hair trying to figure out everything in life. I could trace a direct line between your worry, anxiety, anger, confusion and fear and your lack of understanding of God’s care for you.

Your Heavenly Father offers you an alternative. He says, “I know the number of hairs on your head. I have them numbered. I intricately and intimately know you. I am able and willing to take care of you. More so even now because of what Jesus did for you on the cross. That one-act made a way for you to receive the never-ending supply of His grace, provision, peace, wealth, healing, joy, righteousness, holiness and much, much more. 

Here’s the clincher

Matthew 10:31

So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

You are more valuable to God than anything in this world. This thought should send a warm feeling to your heart.  Jesus didn’t say you are valuable he said you are more valuable. The Greek word for value is diaphero which means to distinguish fully to show what is better (superior), to excel, to surpass. The point Jesus was making is this – From our Heavenly Father’s vantage point are much better, superior, excel and surpass all of His other creatures. God takes care of sparrows and the like. How much more will he not take care of us that are much better and superior than the sparrows?

From our Heavenly Father’s vantage point, you are much better, superior, excel and surpass all of His other creatures.

Some more Greek for you – the Greek tense in the phrase more valuable is the present active indicative. This basically means that you are and will always be more valuable and it is an indisputable truth. You will never not be more valuable. You are and will always be more better and superior aka more valuable.

The present active indicative – You are and will always be more valuable.

An unnamed woman described by those in the city as a sinner entered an all men meeting in a religious leader’s house and stood at Jesus’ feet behind Him weeping. She began to wash His feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head; and she kissed His feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil. 

I want you to take a look at the crowd in the room. Notice the frown in the faces of the religious leaders and the disciples gathered in this house? Can you feel the tension? Can you see the disgust in the face of the host of the party? Can you hear the muttering and murmuring of the people in that room? The women are quiet and the nosy children have been hushed. All eyes are on this sinner and on Jesus. What is he going to do? His response is staggering. (Luke 7:36-50)

I wonder when Jesus looked at this woman what did he see? As he touched her head and stroked her hair what was going on in his mind? Jesus must have thought how he created her hair – how he knew how many hairs were on her head and their numbers. He knew her intricately and intimately. He forgave her. He loved her.

C’mon, relax. Chill. Breathe. Let your hair down. Take it easy man. You are loved. 

Your hair matters to God. You matter to God.

That’s what grace looks like





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